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What's The Difference Between Cocoa Butter And Cocoa Butter Substitute?

Chocolate is one of the most popular snacks for children and girls alike, as it is sweet and tasty. When it comes to chocolate, we have to mention cocoa butter and cocoa butter substitute, which are two essential ingredients for manufacturers to make chocolate in the market today, and can be found in the ingredient list of most chocolates, but with different contents. Although there is a difference in the word, there is a huge difference between the two. We mainly offer two types of cacao butter for cooking and chocolate, unrefined raw cocoa butter and deodorized cocoa butter wholesale.

1. The difference between "cocoa butter" and "cocoa butter substitute" raw materials

Raw cocoa butter bulk, also known as cocoa butter, is a natural fat extracted from the cocoa bean, while cocoa butter is an artificial fat, generally made mainly from lauric acid stearin or non-lauric acid stearin.

2. The difference in appearance between "cocoa butter" and "cocoa butter substitute

Cocoa butter is generally creamy yellow in colour and is a solid mass of natural vegetable oils and fats, while cocoa butter substitutes are generally white or creamy in colour and are also solid at natural temperatures.

3. Differences in the nature of "cocoa butter" and "cocoa butter substitute

Cocoa butter is generally solid at room temperature, and will start to melt when the temperature reaches 34°C or above.

4. The difference in taste between "cocoa butter" and "cocoa butter substitute

Cacao butter for cooking generally has a distinctive smell, a strong aroma, a hard and crispy texture and a strong flavour, while cocoa butter is generally odourless, silky in the mouth but tasteless.