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There are a lot of cocoa confectionery foods in the world that include cocoa in their recipe, like chocolates, dragée, halva, and marshmallow to name a few. We can find such products on market shelves of various brands.

Chocolates: Dark chocolate bars are made with cocoa liquor/mass and cocoa butter bulk. And often defatted cocoa powder is added. A decent cocoa confectionery product of this kind is very much a result of splendid raw material selection, which is to say, high-quality main harvest cocoa beans from West Africa. White chocolate is produced using deodorized cocoa butter exclusively, in order to achieve a pure taste and aroma, free from the odor of other cocoa solids. Compound chocolates are of lower quality because they use mainly cocoa powder mixed with vegetable fat, cheaper and less-desirable flavors.

Dragée is chocolate-coated almonds or other sugar-based candies. It is undoubted that chocolate and nuts are a perfect combination, in terms of both rich flavors and crunchy texture.

Halva is a type of cocoa confectionery originating from Persia and widely spread throughout the Middle East, to as far as Russia. It is made from ground grains, sesame, sunflower seeds or peanut, and often mixed with cacao powder wholesale to enhance the flavor.

Marshmallow is often covered with chocolate glaze that is made from cocoa powder. It is a very popular member of the marshmallow product family.

Cocoa Confectionery

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