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Skyswan Cocoa Chocolate and Candy

Dark chocolate bar is made of cocoa liquor/mass along with some other food Ingredients, like sugar, pure raw cocoa butter, fat reduced cocoa powder and milkfat, to adjust the taste. The label of cocoa content, like 70%, 85% and 93%, means how much cocoa solids in total are applied in the product. That includes cocoa liquor, cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Usually, a higher content of cocoa delivers a more bitter taste and a stronger note of cocoa. And the extra cocoa butter makes the texture smoother when savored.

In addition, there is the white chocolate, which looks completely different from the dark chocolate such as dark black cocoa powder. This is due to the fact that white chocolate uses cocoa butter as its major raw material and not a bit of cocoa liquor or cocoa powder. The other ingredients are milk, skim milk, soy lecithin (as emulsifier) and sugar, etc. White chocolate tastes sweet, smooth and with a milk note.

Chocolate candy has a wide spectrum of forms and uses cocoa ingredients in a more flexible manner. The different raw materials used for two similar chocolate candies will determine their different grade, for example, products based on natural Cocoa Mass liquor and cocoa butter are much better than their budget counterparts which use cocoa powder and cocoa butter substitute.

Cocoa Chocolate And Candy

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