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The most common applications of cocoa ingredients in cocoa dairy products are chocolate cacao milk and ice creams.

Alkalized cocoa powders from professional alkalized cocoa powder manufacturers are used in chocolate-flavored dark cocoa milk because they disperse better in water-based solutions than natural cocoa powder that is known for its hydrophobicity (natural cocoa powder does not combine with water well).

Also, alkalized cocoa powders such as the red alkalized cocoa powder play an important role in chocolate-flavored drinking powders. International brands like Ovaltine and ColaCao are drinking powders that feature low-fat alkalized cocoa powders, nourishing microelements, refined proteins from either plant or animal resources (dark cocoa almond milk). There will still be cocoa powder residue at the bottom of a mug that serves this kind of drinks. This is a natural and inevitable phenomenon.

As to ice creams, alkalized cocoa powders are often mixed with cream to form the base material. And natural cocoa liquor/mass is usually made into chocolate crust that requires a decent taste of chocolate. Usually, ice cream sticks are dipped into melted chocolate paste to form this crust.

Cocoa Dairy

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