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  • natural cocoa cake
  • natural cocoa cake

Skyswan Natural Cocoa Cake

This natural cocoa cake is made from cocoa liquor after removing part of the cocoa butter. It contains 10% - 12% of cocoa butter and has the characteristic taste, aroma, and brown color of cocoa. For more information on Skyswan cacao powder for sale, please contact us.

Specification of Natural Cocoa Cake

ProductNatural Cocoa Cake
Physical IndexAppearanceA reddish brown kibbled cake
Flavors & OdorsCharacteristic of natural cocoa cake, with no foreign flavors or odors present
Chemical IndexFat content (%)10.0-12.0
Moisture (%)Max. 5.0
pH value5.0- 5.8
Ash (%)Max. 9.0
Microbiological IndexTotal Plate Count (cfu/g)Max. 5,000
Coliform (MPN/100g)Max. 30MPN/100g
Yeast (cfu/g)Max. 50
Mould (cfu/g)Max. 50
Salmonella (cfu/25g), Shigella (cfu/25g), Staphylococcus Aureusa (cfu/25g)Negative

Other Details of Natural Cocoa Cake


N. W.: 25 kg / bag

G. W.: 25.20 kg / bag

Packing: In 25kgs net multilayer craft paper bags with inner polyethylene liner.

Container Loading Capacity: Per 20' FCL: 800 bags x 25 kg = 20 MT

Storage Conditions: In cool and dry storage, temperature: max. 25°C, relative humidity: max 65%.

Shelf Life: 24 months from date of production.

H.S. Code: 18032000

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