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  • small package cocoa powder supplier
  • small package cocoa powder supplier

Skyswan 500gram Package Cocoa Powder

SKYSWAN is a professional cocoa powder supplier and offer bulk cocoa powder in China. This cocoa powder has been alkalised/dutched. It is an amazing product to have around: great for use in baking and making desserts. It can also be made into a delicious hot drink by just adding hot milk or water and a natural sweetener.

About 500g Small-Package Cocoa Powder

Skyswan provides small-package cocoa powder wholesale for various packing sizes. You can choose from the complete set of Skyswan cocoa powders, including natural, brown alkalized and black ones, acquiring them in customized bags that display your brand logo, graphic design and details of nutrients.

Specification of 500gram Package Cocoa Powder

Product500gram Small Package Cocoa Powder
ProductCocoa Powder
IngredientCocoa bean, potassium carbonate
Net Weight500gram
Shelf Life24 months
Production DateSee the printing code at the seal
BrandSkyswan or buyer’s own brand
PackingIn food-grade bags with zipper, 10kgs in a carton.
Storage ConditionsStore in a ventilated, cool and dry place.
Product OriginChina

Advantages of 500g Small-Package Cocoa Powder

As one of the best cacao powder manufacturers, our 500g small-package cocoa powder is pure, unsweetened and subject to vegan and Halal standards. The zipper package helps to avoid sunlight, moisture, foreign orders and other negative effects that cause product deterioration, whereby maintaining a good taste and aroma of cocoa.


Besides, small-package cocoa powder is convenient for end users.

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