Wuxi Skyswan Food Technology Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Skyswan Food Technology Co., Ltd.

Skyswan provides small package cocoa powders which are tailored for individual users, like families and bakery business owners.


Our cocoa powder supplier has a full set of automatic packaging equipment for small package cocoa powders that guarantees product hygiene and safety.

Why Choose Small Package Cocoa Powder?

Small package cocoa powders often feature customized package designs, which facilitate marketing and sales in the market; They come in different product net weights, thus catering to diverse application scenarios, like family kitchens and gastronomy chefs. 

Small package cocoa powder wholesale is the same in quality as our 25kg paper bag cocoa powder, unsweetened and no extra food additives, totally safe for human consumption. They are convenient to store, transport and use. The packages with zippers preserve the products’ fragrance, prevent moisture and other foreign matters. 

Besides, the products often generate a higher profit due to their higher prices in the market.

How to Store Small Package Cocoa Powder?

How to Store Small Package Cocoa Powder?
  • If stored in recommended environment, the shelf life of small package cocoa powder is 24 months from the date of production. They should be kept in cool temperature, away from direct sunlight, insects and foreign odors. 

  • After use, seal the package with zipper to prevent moisture. If any lump or unpleasant smell (like mould odor) is noticed, most likely a result of wet, please discard the product immediately. Buy cocoa powder bulk with more custom selections from Skyswan

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