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  • vegan cocoa powder wholesale
  • cocoa powder suitable for vegans

Skyswan Cocoa Powder Suitable for Vegans

The Skyswan vegan cocoa powder is a slightly alkalized cocoa powder, with a pH 6.2-6.8, pure and bulk unsweetened cocoa powder.

The cocoa powder suitable for vegans is dutch-processed and treated with an alkali, without any other food additives, either from animal or chemical sources. This alkalised cocoa powder has a reddish-brown color, and mild flavor, and is easy to dissolve in liquids. 

Application of Vegan Cocoa Powder

The Skyswan cocoa powder vegan is ideal raw material for chocolates, ice cream, chocolate cakes, instant drinks, pastries and confectionery products. Buy cocoa powder bulk with more custom selections from Skyswan

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Does cocoa powder have dairy?

Skyswan Cocoa Powder Vegan Wholesale Company assures you that cocoa powder, in its pure form, is dairy-free. Cocoa is derived from cacao beans, and it contains no dairy ingredients. However, it's crucial to read product labels carefully when purchasing cocoa-based products, such as hot chocolate mixes or chocolate-flavored desserts, as they may contain milk solids or other dairy components. Skyswan's commitment to quality and vegan-friendly products ensures that their cocoa powder is a perfect choice for those seeking dairy-free and plant-based options, making it an ideal ingredient for vegan and dairy-free recipes.


Specification Of Cocoa powder suitable for vegans

Productcocoa powder suitable for vegans
Physical IndexAppearanceFine, free flowing brown powder
FlavorCharacteristic cocoa flavor
OdorNo off odor
ColorMedium brown
Fineness (%, through 200 mesh)Min. 99.0%
Chemical IndexFat content (%)10-12
Moisture (%)Max. 5.0
pH value6.2-6.8
Ash (%)Max. 10.0
Microbiological IndexTotal Plate Count (cfu/g)Max. 5,000
Coliform (MPN/100g)Max. 30MPN/100g
Yeast (cfu/g)Max. 50
Mould (cfu/g)Max. 50
Salmonella (cfu/25g), Shigella (cfu/25g), Staphylococcus Aureusa (cfu/25g)Negative



N. W.: 25 kg / bag     

G. W.: 25.25 kg / bag

Packing: In 25kgs multilayer craft paper bags with inner polyethylene liner.

Container Loading Capacity: 

Per 20' FCL: 600 bags x 25 kg = 15 MT

Per 40' FCL: 1000 bags x 25 kg = 25 MT

Storage Conditions: In cool, dry storage, temperature max.25°C, relative humidity max 65%.

Shelf Life: 24 months from date of production.

H.S. Code: 1805 000000.

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Is Cocoa Powder Vegan and Dairy-Free?

Cocoa powder, such as Skyswan vegan cocoa powder, is indeed vegan and dairy-free. Cocoa powder is derived from cocoa beans, which are obtained from the cacao tree. The process involves extracting the cocoa solids from the beans, and this resulting powder is what we commonly refer to as cocoa powder.

Vegan cocoa powder, like Skyswan, is produced without any animal-derived ingredients or by-products. It does not contain any milk, cream, butter, or other dairy products. Therefore, it is suitable for those following a vegan or dairy-free lifestyle.

Additionally, bulk unsweetened cocoa powder is typically vegan as well. It does not contain any added sugars or sweeteners, which means there are no hidden animal-derived ingredients. This makes it an ideal choice for vegans who prefer to control the sweetness of their recipes.

If you're specifically looking for cocoa powder suitable for vegans, Skyswan vegan cocoa powder is an excellent option. It is designed and marketed specifically for vegan consumers, ensuring that it meets their dietary preferences and requirements.

Whether you're baking delicious vegan treats, preparing hot chocolate, or adding cocoa powder to your smoothies, Skyswan vegan cocoa powder, or any other bulk unsweetened cocoa powder, is a versatile and cruelty-free unprocessed cocoa that can enhance the flavor and richness of your recipes without compromising your vegan lifestyle.

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