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  • natural Cocoa Mass

Skyswan Natural Cocoa Liquor Supplier

Natural cocoa liquor is also called natural Cocoa Mass, with a fat content of 52%-54%, dark red color in solid state, packed in 12.5kg net cartons with inner polythene liner. Natural cocoa liquor is also referred to as natural chocolate liquor. Contact Skyswan natural cocoa liquor supplier now!

What is natural cocoa liquor?

Natural cocoa liquor/natural Cocoa Mass is a product obtained from roasted and ground cocoa beans that have been processed to remove the cocoa butter. It consists of cocoa solids and cocoa butter in their natural proportion, without the addition of any other ingredients. The pure chocolate liquor is an important ingredient in the production of chocolate and other cocoa-based products. Natural cocoa liquor has a bitter taste and is often used in recipes that require a strong chocolate flavor.

Natural Cocoa Liquor Applications

Skyswan natural cocoa liquor is main ingredient for pure chocolates. Cocoa mass liquor also makes for a great ingredient for flavouring ice cream, pralines or other ingredient bases of cocoa bakery to achieve a deeper, darker colour and more intense cocoa taste.

Natural Cocoa Liquor/ Cocoa Mass Specification

Product NameNatural Cocoa Liquor/ Cocoa Mass
Physical IndexCocoa bean originWest Africa
AppearanceSolid without any foreign materials
Odor and tasteCharacteristic cocoa flavor
ColorDark brown
Chemical IndexMoistureMax. 2.0%
Melting point (℃)30.0-35.0
Fat contentMin. 52.0%
pH value5.0-5.8
Ash contentMax. 6.0%
FinenessMin. 98.0%
Microbiological IndexTotal Plate CountMax. 5,000cfu/g
Yeast / MouldMax. 50 cfu/g
ColiformMax. 30 MPN/100g
Salmonella (cfu/25g), Shigella (cfu/25g), Staphylococcus Aureusa (cfu/25g)Negative

Bulk Buy natural cocoa liquor from Skyswan supplier

Embark on a journey of culinary artistry with Skyswan's Bulk Buy Natural Cocoa Liquor. Crafted from carefully selected cocoa beans, our natural cocoa liquor encapsulates the pure essence of cocoa in its unadulterated form. With a commitment to quality and ethical sourcing, Skyswan natural cocoa liquor supplier ensures that each batch of natural cocoa liquor delivers unparalleled flavor and versatility.

As a fundamental building block of chocolate creation, our natural cocoa liquor provides the deep cocoa intensity that sets your culinary creations apart. From velvety chocolate sauces to rich ganaches, the possibilities are endless with this premium ingredient.

Skyswan's natural cocoa liquor supplier dedication to excellence extends beyond the product itself. By choosing to Bulk Buy Natural Cocoa Liquor from Skyswan, you're supporting responsible sourcing practices and contributing to sustainable supply chains.

Elevate your creations with the exceptional quality and rich flavors of unprocessed cocoa. With Skyswan natural cocoa liquor supplier, you're not just buying an ingredient; you're investing in a partner that shares your passion for excellence and innovation.

Other Details of Natural Cocoa Liquor


N. W.: 25 Kg/ Carton

G. W.: 25.65 Kg/ carton

Packaging: In 25kg net craft paper cartons with inner polyethylene liner

Loading Capacity: Per 20' FCL: 20 MT.

Storage Condition: Keep cool and dry, temperature: max.25°C, relative humidity: < 65%.

Shelf Life: 24 months from production date.

Material Origin: Top quality cocoa beans of main harvest from West Africa.

H.S. Code: 1803100000.

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