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The Difference Between Cocoa Mass Liquor and Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa Mass Liquor and Cocoa Butter are different in form:

Cocoa Mass Liquor is a finely ground paste that is liquid and viscous when warm, and solidifies into blocks when cooled, called Cocoa Mass Liquor.

Unrefined raw cocoa butter is a natural fat produced in cocoa beans and is a very unique natural vegetable oil. It is amber in liquid form and pale yellow in solid form. Cocoa butter is solid at room temperature below 27℃.

Cocoa Mass Liquor and Cocoa Butter have different colors:

Cocoa Mass Liquor is dark brown in color. Cocoa butter is amber in liquid form and pale yellow in solid form.

Cocoa Mass Liquor and Cocoa Butter have different functions:

Cocoa Mass Liquor is an important raw material for chocolate production. Cocoa butter and Cocoa Cake can be obtained by pressing cocoa mass liquor. Cocoa Cake is reddish-brown in color with a natural strong cocoa aroma. It is a necessary raw material for processing various cocoa powders and chocolate beverages.

Raw cocoa butter bulk gives chocolate a rich, fragrant flavor and deep, enticing shine, as well as a unique smoothness and melting sensation. It is a natural edible oil extracted from cocoa beans in the process of making chocolate and cocoa powder wholesale. It has only a faint chocolate taste and aroma, and is one of the materials for making real chocolate.

Candy commonly known as white chocolate is made from it alone. Cocoa butter has a melting point of about 34-38 degrees Celsius (93-100 degrees Fahrenheit), so chocolate is solid at room temperature and quickly melts in the mouth.

Cacao butter for cooking is mainly used in pastry making to dilute thicker and drier chocolate products. Adding an appropriate amount of cocoa butter to low-cocoa-butter chocolate can increase its viscosity, enhance its gloss effect after dipping and demoulding, and make its texture delicate.

The glycerides in cocoa butter exist in multiple types, leading to the formation of a multiphase structure, and the melting point of cocoa butter depends on its crystal form. The temperature adjustment process in chocolate processing is to form a stable cocoa butter crystal structure when the melted cocoa butter cools.

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