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Wuxi Skyswan is a professional manufacturer of a full list of unprocessed cocoa products and bulk cocoa for sale. Our list of cocoa products includes cocoa powder, raw pure cocoa butter, cocoa liquor and cocoa for cake, etc. Inquiry cocoa wholesale price direct from China Skyswan raw pure bulk cocoa factory.

1. More complete list of cocoa products for sale with quality assurance meet the diversified purchasing needs of customers.
2. More list of cocoa products with competitive prices and professional pre-sales and after-sales services.

Why Choose Wuxi Skyswan Raw Unprocessed Cacao Products

Wuxi Skyswan is a professional cocoa factory. With a solid foundation and professional services, we have a proper place in the unprocessed cocoa wholesale industry. 

The company's main unprocessed cocoa include natural cocoa powder, various alkalised cocoa powder, black cocoa powder, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, etc. All the pure raw cocoa products are of high quality and safety.

Raw Unprocessed Cacao Facts
What Is

Unprocessed cocoa is a pure unsweetened powder made by extracting much of the cocoa butter from the cocoa mass. This leaves a dry solid cake, which is then sifted to a fine powder.

Raw Unprocessed Cacao Facts

  • Natural Cocoa Powder

The cocoa bean is roasted and grounded and it creates an intense, bitter and rich flavored 100 natural cocoa powder. It is also quite acidic.


  • Dutched or Alkalized Cocoa Powder

The name Dutch refers to a couple of things. Firstly it describes the process of making the high quality cocoa powder. The cocoa bean is roasted, ground up and then treated with an alkali to neutralise its acidity. What does this achieve? It darkens its color and makes the cocoa flavor smoother and mellower. We supply black alkalized cocoa powder and red alkalized cocoa powder at competitive wholesale prices.


Bulk Cocoa VS Pure Raw Cacao, What Is The Difference?

Pure raw cacao means that it has not been heated. Raw pure cacao is made by fermenting (similar to coffee) and pressing unroasted cacao beans, therefore raw unprocessed cacao's nutritions are still varied. Because of the minimal heat used in the processing of pure raw cacao powder, it retains its natural light brown colour and original flavor profile, tasting not so sweet as cocoa.

Cocoa on the other hand is the end result of cacao which has been heat treated by being roasted at high temperatures. This process removes mostof its fat (cocoa butter), which is what changes its colour to a much darkerbrown (the darker the cocoa powder, the more heat treating sessions). It also has a milder, less bitter and slightly sweeter flavor compared to cacao.

Unprocessed cocoa References

List of cocoa products from Skyswan cocoa china supplier

Bulk Cocoa VS Pure Raw Cacao, What Is The Difference?
Health Benefits of Bulk Cocoa Wholesale

Health Benefits of Bulk Cocoa Wholesale

  • Bulk cocoa wholesale is rich in flavonoids, antioxidants that are also found in fruits andvegetables.

  • Hot cocoa contains more antioxidants per serving than tea and wine.

  • Unprocessed cocoa may also lower bad cholesterol the risk of blood clots.

  • Unprocessed cocoa helps in maintaining healthy circulatory system.

  • Beneficial for maintaining healthy brain.

  • Helps reduce high-fat diet-induced obesity.


What Are The Benefits Of Cocoa Powder?

Deodorized cocoa butter applications in body and benefits

Deodorized cocoa butter applications in food and benefits

Deodorized cocoa butter applications benefits

What is alkaline cocoa powder,alkalized cocoa powder uses and benefits

Alkalized cocoa powder health benefits

Alkalized cocoa powder uses and benefits

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