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How To Make Unsweetened Pure Cocoa Powder?

100% unsweetened cocoa powder may have a bitter taste, but it is highly nutritious! How do you make unsweetened cocoa powder taste good?

100% pure cocoa powder has no added sugar, no alkaline bitterness and is very different from the sweet and delicious hot cocoa drink we imagine, but it is low in calories, low in fat and high in nutrients. How do you make unsweetened pure cocoa powder? How much should I eat a day? In this article, we'll share with you how to make a delicious and healthy hot cocoa drink with cocoa powder suitable for vegans!

1. Use boiling water to make cocoa powder

Pure cocoa powder can be brewed directly in boiling water, so we recommend using 150ml of boiling water and adding 20g of cocoa powder. Then add water or cocoa powder if you find it too thick or too light for your taste. Although the unsweetened cocoa drink is not alkalised and has a bitter taste, it retains all the nutrients and is super healthy!

Reminder:  Natural cocoa powder does not dissolve completely in liquid, so if you want to make a cold cocoa drink or add sugar, it is recommended to soak the cocoa powder with sugar in some warm water before adding ice cubes or ice drinks. 2.

2. Add milk, soy milk or almond tea to cocoa powder

The most common way to drink 100% unsweetened pure cocoa powder is to add it to milk or soya milk. This way, whether it's a French cocoa oreo with milk or a genuine RTHK Bay flavoured cocoa drink with soya milk, you'll get a rich and complete source of nutrients to fuel your day. Apart from milk, oat milk is also a great choice! The natural sweetness of oat milk's grain starch can neutralise the bitterness of unsweetened cocoa powder, making it a very lactose-intolerant-friendly choice. And for those who like almond tea, you're in luck! Many users have also shared that adding non alkaline cocoa powder to almond tea is very tasty, try it!

3. Add coffee to cocoa powder

The mocha coffee commonly found in coffee shops is actually a latte with a small amount of chocolate syrup added to it, which gives it a sweet chocolate flavour. We can replace the chocolate syrup with unsweetened pure cocoa powder, which gives a rich cocoa flavour without the worry of over-consumption of sugar. In addition, adding pure cocoa powder to espresso or Americano is a great way to get a better flavour and is definitely a healthy option!

4. Add cinnamon, vanilla and other spices to cocoa powder

Cinnamon or vanilla is one of the most common spices added to cocoa to add flavour and aroma. Just imagine making a French cocoa oreo with some vanilla on top or sprinkling cinnamon on top to enhance the flavour, it would be delicious!

5. Adding fruit to cocoa powder

For those who have a mixer (cup) at home, you can add pure cocoa powder to the milk and then add fresh fruit and ice cubes, such as bananas or avocados, to make a cocoa drink. Not only do you not have to worry about uneven mixing of alkali cocoa powder, but you can also enjoy a super healthy and nutritious cocoa drink!